How to make light beam?

How to make light beam effect moving across the screen in Shortcut? Do you have any effects with light you like especially and how they were done?

Thanks a lot for help.

Is this useful?

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You could also find Google free stock footage to see if any match what you are looking for and overlay them using the Chroma filters, e.g.

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Oh yeah, thanks a lot. That it what I was looking for. Although if someone has any idea for other lights effects, I’m very curious.

Well most if not all of these clips are under CC 3.0 license which means some limitations. Not sure if it fits to me.

Moreover I would be more curious how to do by myself similar effects. For example how the following effect could be done? Any ideas?

Btw, you are cool guy. I used your script for creating typewriting trick in one of my videos: Thanks a lot for creating this script.

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Basically with CC 3.0 you can use the clip any way you want, for both commercial and non-commercial reasons, so long as somewhere, e.g. on the Youtube page, you give credit to the author.

I an looking at a new way of “Typewriting” that doesn’t involve using the old Text:HTML (HTML Overlay) filter. and that is more realistic looking - watch this space.

I’m not very artistic, so I’m afraid someone else will have to see if they can come up with a DIY solution for the light effect.

Well, I’m not sure concerning licenses and I don’t feel expert here. However isn’t it like that if you use CC 3.0, your final product, in this case video, should be distributed also under CC 3.0?

Concerning Typewriting, I used small trick. I run your script in web browser. Then I made video recording of the screen. And then the recorded video I’ve added as new layer to shotcut project. In this way I’m fully not depended on old Text:HTML filter. Once again thank you for creating this great script.

You’re thinking of the CC SA licence.

The “CC BY” licence gives you total freedom other than you have to say BY whom the work that you are using was created.

The “CC SA” licence is the Share-Alike licence, where licensees may distribute derivative works only under a license identical (“not more restrictive”) to the license that governs the original work.

For a good explanation read the “Four Rights” section of the Wikipedia article:

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Pour l’effet “typewriting” il est possible de l’obtenir directement dans Shotcut.
C’est relativement simple, mais cela nécessite une image-clé par lettre. Pour les textes courts ça passe, mais pour les longues phrases nous attendons avec impatience votre solution.
1/ Mettez sur V1 l’image ou la vidéo de fond
2/ Mettez sur V2 un clip transparent
3/ Ajoutez sur ce clip transparent le filtre: texte simple
4/ Ajoutez ensuite le filtre “Masque: A partir d’un fichier”
Sélectionnez le fichier “Barres Horizontales” dans le menu déroulant
Activez les images clés pour le paramètre “Seuil”
Placez une image clé pour chaque lettre de la phrase. Pour un effet “Typewriting” les images clés doivent être réglées sur “discret”

For the “typewriting” effect it is possible to get it directly in Shotcut.
It is relatively simple, but requires one keyframe per letter. For short texts it works, but for long sentences we are looking forward to your solution.
1/ Put the background image or video on V1
2/ Put a transparent clip on V2
3/ Add on this transparent clip the filter: simple text
4/ Then add the filter “Mask: From file”.
Select the “Horizontal Bars” file from the drop-down menu.
Enable key images for the “Threshold” parameter
Place a key image for each letter of the sentence. For a “Typewriting” effect the key images must be set to “discrete”.


Well its hard to find this effect.

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