Is this spot light effect possible in shotcut?

Hello, I’m new in shotcut and video editing.

Just want to know if this is possible in shotcut?

start at 37 seconds mark of the video

I’m talking about the moving highlight?


You could do this with partial masking/ partial transparency layers. There are probably better ways to achieve this with After Effects or alike but it would be possible somehow in SC i am sure. You have to draw the highlights as transparency mask and move it around to your likes - tedious process i would guess.

Made with Shotcut 20.10 BETA.
Not a perfect reproduction of the spotlight effect, but close enough.


WOW, that is brilliant!! :+1:

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Here, but I cheated by creating this file


Wow! How did you guys make it move?

I’m new in shotcut and video editing.

I was able to use the mask effect but it’s just stationary.

What effect did you guys use?

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You can keyframe the size, position and rotate filter and move it to match the object

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Thank you so much really appreciate it. I’ve use your image and I was able to do it on the timeline.

I have two video tracks. V1 actual footage and V2 the image file.

On the image file I’ve use the filters mask simple shape, opacity and Size and position.

I’m copying the image and it’s filters and moving the image every 0.5 secs.

Am I doing it right? I don’t know how to use a keyframe yet but I’m not sure if it’s easy doing it that way?

Also, about the image can you make also a red highlight as well? We’ll be using it on the opponent.

Add an additional layer in between and choose Open Other > then Color. Pick red then use a blend mode

Here’s a keyframe tutorial:


Thank you so much!

Will do a sample and I will post it here :slight_smile:

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I was able to do it already, my issue now is I need like two or more spotlights in one video.

Example, when I overlap spotlight image 2 to spotlight image 1 using different video tracks for each, I’m having problem with the opacity. Spotlight image 1 is lighter and more visible compared to spotlight image 2 which is dark and can’t barely see it.

Anyway how I can fix the opacity issue?

You can’t use the file I provided. You’re going to have to go a different route


You think that would be possible having two or more spotlights in shotcut?

Just give me an idea and I’ll work it out from there.

Thank you very much!

Start with creating 2 or more spotlight shapes either in Shotcut or outside with Photoshop or GIMP. Bring them in Shotcut and keyframe them independently


The problem is the opacity issue.

The black background is overlapping the other one hence it’s making the other one hard to see,

If I could somehow control the opacity on the main video instead, you think it would work?

don’t use my file. you can’t have a black background

@bentacular’s method of using a file for the spot light works when you only want one spot light. If you want more you need to use files with a transparent backgraund.

For my demo I used two masks, triangle and ellipse, applied to a white 1920x3240 jpg. Size Position and Rotate was used to move, scale and rotate the spotlight.

Here’s a sample project for you to look at. (270.4 KB)



Thank you very much! will definitely try it.


You think it’s possible to use a transparent background instead of white?

Mask Simple Shape doesn’t work on transparent clips. You can make or find a spotlight image on a transparent background and use that on multiple tracks.

For my demo I could not use an image because of the nature of the video. The car is moving, changing direction and speed, and it’s a helicopter shot.