How To Make A Montage Like THis?

Hello! Recently, I’ve been trying to make some montages of this game that I play and this video is a really good style. How could I make this in Shotcut? (Not my video)


Hi @FR_Crafts.

What is your level of experience in video editing and with Shotcut ?

If you have none or very little experience, I’m pretty sure no one here will have the time to teach you how to produce and edit an entire video from scratch. I suggest you start by watching tutorials and familiarize yourself with Shotcut and all it’s tools. While you’re learning though, you’ll always be welcomed here on the forum when you need specific help about something.

I have been using Shotcut for almost a year now, and I’m pretty familiar with the software. I suppose that a better question would be how to make the footage shake/ zoom to the music as shown in the video

Identify the points you want to emphasize in the audio waveform. Then you can use the filters managed by keyframes for the desired effect.
At this point, it is important to remember that with keyframes you have a lot of flexibility to manually synchronize the effects with the music. This is not an automatic process.

If the video incorporates an audio track (it is not separate), the audio dance filter applies effects of movement, zoom, rotation, oscillation, etc.
You can select the range of audio frequencies and dB level that will affect the filter.
As this filter does not work with Keyframes, you can split the video into several clips to apply the same filter but with different settings each time.

I recommend you experiment with the Audio Dance Visualization filter. It won’t do all of the effects from that video but it’s a filter that moves the image of video based on the soundtrack playing. It may give you some effects that interest you.

Here is a video demonstrating the filter:

One thing though: If the music you want to use is separate from the video you want to affect, then you don’t need to export the video and bring it back into Shotcut like the person in the video above did. Just add the filter to the Output track. And if you want it to only affect a section of the video then trim the filter down to the section you want.

I wish I knew. I want to do this for my tf2 gameplay but i cant upload web.m files ;(
I have not tried in the latest version of shotcut so I’m going to try again before finding a web.m-mp4 converter that accepts this file size.

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