How to make a longer lasting fade out without going black too early

I applied an Fade-Out filter, but I wanted it to last longer, so I set the time to 15s, but surprisingly it does not faded out continously from -15s to the end, with total blackness just near the end, but it still fade from nothing to black quite fast in ~1s and then stayed black the rest of the time. That was not the effect I intended, so how can I achieve a longer lasting fade out where the fade goes over the entire time span and not as described above?? As I see it the only parameter of the Fade-Out filter is the time duration and I do not see how to control that?

Rather than using the fade filter, instead hover the mouse cursor over the upper corner of the end of the clip until the black throbber appears, then left-click, hold and drag the throbber to create the fade ramp.

Here’s a PDF I created a short time ago for someone elses, it should help you too :slight_smile: