How to make a 3840×1080 canvas recording into 2, 1920×1080 videos here is the youtube link to the video I tired following but when he showed the video editing part I found it hard to do the same on shotcut. I am a pretty new user so I would really appreciate through instructions or video links. Thank you

Set Video Mode to 1080p

Open video/images (sized at 3840x1080)
Drag from source to timeline (Creates V1)

Crop: Source – Right 960px (Shows Side 1)

Add Video track: V2
Drag from source to V2

Crop: Source – Left 960px (Shows Side 2)
Use Size, Position & Rotate after Crop: Source to positioning.

Source image I created: You can download this image from here.

Edited with Shotcut

You can download this MLT file and see what I’ve done.
Download the source image I created and have tell Shotcut where to find the downloaded source file. Shotcut will actually ask you where to find that file when you attempt to open the MLT.
Sides 1 and 2.mlt (6.0 KB)

Source images: (That I used to create the 3840x1080 image)
Side 1 :
Side 2:


@Hudson555x Thank you so much. You made it so easy you legend

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