How to increase audio input gain?

I am using an audio input (music keyboard) to record audio via the Line-in on the back of m PC.
But when I record the audio, it is super quiet.
I know I can increase the gain via the filters on an already recorded piece of audio or audio video. But how can I increase the actual capture level when doing the initial capture (wither it’s narration with a mic or playing music real time with a mini jack attacked keyboard vial the PC’s Line-in).

A audio line-in is made to be work with line level audio outputs like a cd-player etc. (Line out / Aux out)
Most headphones output don’t match an line input, the signal levels are to low and the impedance don’t match.
So it will give you very bad and noisy results
If you use an Midi keyboard and a audio plugin to create the sound, then you need something there can record the audio inside you computer, feeding the audio back from the same audio card, will only give good results if you have an usb audio interface made for audio production, where you can adjust the input/output levels and there are build with good quality components.
Most build-in audio card is of very low and sound awful, specially when recording audio from external source.

You need to use the operating system’s record/input volume control.

If your only option is to use a headphone output into a line in, your have to turn down the output volume to very low level to get the best result and turn up the line-in level in your computer sound settings.


Thank you. I’ll try that.
Actually my device is a hackathon type creation So it’s a kind of Arduino type midi chip with sound samples set to 12 midi instruments and speakers and a volume wheel. I guess you could say it’s like a cheap Casio all on board keyboard with speakers and a head phone jack.

I’ll look at experimenting with the audio levels and raising the Line-in level.

Now if only I could get advice about why there is also a two or three second delay in the PC playing the sound when the keys are pressed on the device.
I posted a question here but didn’t get any replies yet.

Music keyboard to 'Line-in 3 second delay

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