Music keyboard to 'Line-in 3 second delay

I have a music keyboard that I want to play a melody on and record it in Shotcut and then output as an MP3.
I could use Audacity but I don’t want to have to learn yet an other app if I don’t have to.
The device I’m using has midi chips and sounds that it generates and I can listen with onboard speakers or use the headphone socket.
I bout a male to male mini jack and plugged it into the devices output headphone port and the other end into the ‘Line-in’ at the back of my computer.
I went to ‘file’ and ‘open other’ and selected ‘Line-in’.
So far so good. But after clicking ok and seeing the two green L&R audio level bars at the right of Shotcut, I pressed the keys to play the notes but the sound that comes out of my PC via Shotcut has about a three second delay.
Is there any solution to this and if I end up having to use Audacity will that have the same issue?

Edit: I figured out a work around to this by having a split mini jack going into the music keyboard with the male to male mini jack going from one input the Line-in on my PC and the other with my earbuds plugged in so I can listen directly to what I’m playing with no delay. Then I just turn off the pc sound and record what I’m playing in Shotcut (despite it recording at super quiet, hard to hear levels).
But I’d rather not have to use this work around.

It is what it is. And Timeline > Record Audio will have a different delay. If you need something with low latency for audio, Shotcut is not a solution.

That’s fine.
My work around, works.
Just split the output and use earbuds while I play then edit later.

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