How to gradually accelerate video clip

i would like to gradually accelerate / decelerate playback speed for a smoother transition from one clip to another. I’m trying to alternate between speeding up and slow motion. I don’t really know how this is done, does someone know a technique i can search for?

The latest version of Shotcut, incorporated a filter that allows for speed changes, slow motion, reverse, fast forward, etc.
There is still not much documentation on some of the peculiarities of this filter.

Here are some discussions on different aspects of the functionality of this Time Remap filter.

Experiments with the Time Remap filter - Made with Shotcut - Shotcut Forum

An example of use.

Note that this filter is a new group and has some limitations in combination with other filters.

thank you very much! As a followup question, is there a relevant technique i can look out for? Like when to use Time Remap filter, or different effects.

Do you mean the Time Remap filter or all filters?

About the Time Remap filter, I’m still learning too, so I’m in the experimentation phase.

My general advice is to try different filters on a simple project. Combine and change the values. You will be able to observe what happens and you can ask specific questions to achieve a specific effect.
It is also important to attach screenshots of the project to help the community understand what you are trying to achieve and how you have organized your project (order of filters, settings, etc.).

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