How to get back the "Convert to edit friendly" dialog


I was silly and checked the box saying I don’t want the “convert to edit friendly” dialog for variable frame rate files. I regret this as almost all of my files require conversion before editing. Since then I have been going into properties and manually asking to convert each of my files.

Is there any way to get the automatic dialog back? It’s much more convenient!


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See showConvertClipDialog here

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Thanks for the reply!

Yes I already saw that article. I am using Windows 10, and am apprehensive of editing the registry. Against my better judgment I went looking for the location specified in that article and it does exist, but there is no config file there to edit. Quite strange.


An INI file is only used on Windows if you used Settings > App Data Directory > Set… in Shotcut. So, you can do that now, and choose a folder for holding your App Data that also includes presets, log, and database. Once that is done you use Settings > App Data Directory > Show… to open an Explorer window on your app data directory. In there you can find the shotcut.ini file you can edit in a text editor.

That did the trick!

Thank you!

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