Bring back "Convert to edit friendly format" dialog

I want to bring back the “Convert to edit friendly format” dialog box.

  • I checked the AppData folder, no ini file.
  • I went to the registry, no showConvertClipDialog
  • I created a string in the registry and set it to true, did not bring back the dialog box.
  • I reinstalled Shotcut, if I remember correctly there was a prompt asking to clean registry entries of old installations, I checked the box. Still no prompt.

Any other suggestions?


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I found it in my registry. When I delete the entry for showConvertClipDialog then it shows again in Shotcut after a restart.

Well, my registry looks a bit different to begin with.
Any how, I did how you suggested.
Create string, open shotcut, restart computer, delet string, open shotcut, restart computer, open shotcut.
No string, no prompt.

What version of Shotcut are you using? Can you show a screenshot of the “About” dialog?

Are you sure your clip is variable framerate? Can you show a screenshot of the “Properties” panel for your clip?

If you do not get the dialog, you can always click the “Convert” button on the Properties panel to open the conversion dialog.


Version is 22.06.23 but in fact I was opening lots of videos without variable frame rates…
I was assuming they were since moving the time slider on these videos seemed to be going a lot smoother once they were converted.
I guess this has nothing to do with the variable/fixed frame rate?
Is there an option to automatically convert these videos once I start working with them? Last time I used the programme, must have been two years ago, I was asked for almost every single video whether I want to convert and editing always felt easier once I did.

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