How to Freeze a Video Frame

Hi All,

A quick tutorial on creating a freeze-frame! This is particularly helpful if you want to demonstrate something on screen by holding the frame. The end result looks like the video has been paused for a period of time - allowing additional effects to be applied.

Also, please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve these tutorials!


Nice and clear; well done.

I do have a couple of minor suggestions. The first is to indicate or show which version of Shotcut you are using, or address whether this is something that will work the same way across any recent version. The other suggestion is to call attention to what is not set - namely, that you do not have the ripple set. As I was learning Shotcut, I found myself forever getting confused because the ripple was or was not set, and I wasn’t getting the same results as being shown in a tutorial. Again, minor suggestions only!

Thanks @awake I like those suggestions and will definitely try to build the tools not set into future tutorials. I too had (and still do sometimes!) The same issue with the timeline tools.