How to fix this? i can't load tools

I see an unexpected black box. Is that the problem you are reporting?
I do not know what panel that is in English because we do not have a “Tools.” But sometimes on some systems when a panel is made floating instead of docked into the main window it goes black. There is no root fix for that. You need to simply put the panel back into the window. You should be able to do that by choosing View > Layout > Restore Default Layout to fix it because all panels are docked by default.

You have obviously just started up Shotcut but not specified your project’s parametersd, which you are being asked to do. If this is your first time using Shotcut have a look at the tutorials (the link is at the top of this webpage) to see how to go about using it.

This black box is problem. i do your instrucion and nothing.

Try the different options in Settings > Display Method

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