How to fix sound weird

I use rotation and scale after sound is weird like this video

Playing the effects in real time is not fast enough to keep the audio continuous. Maybe you have Settings > Realtime turned off, but even that is not guaranteed to play audio continuous. You need to export and play its result to have a full fidelity preview. See also Preview Scaling and Proxy, which are documented and frequently mentioned here.

sorry I’m not English speaker I don’t understand fully u means realtime off or Preview and proxy turn on than done it? sorry I’m not English speaker that happen reading document so hard that happen ask it ty so much teach me

Ty turb ib realtime some part fix it but some part is not fix it

You can use the search function in the forum, search on the following words, and choose the first result:

  • “realtime”
  • “export”
  • “preview scaling”
  • “proxy”

ty so much make you annoying I got it :slight_smile: I do optimized I think keep turn on realtime off/on like that some part is do trouble with some part off it not that that trouble hahaah :slight_smile: or I try re install shotcut ty so much teach me

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