How to Fade In Titles?

Based upon your replies, you do not have snapping enabled. And you can mute V2 (per Steve’s screenshot).

@Steve_Ledger showed you a method. I confirm it works. @QDSOV confirmed that Steve’s method worked for him. I changed up Steve’s method by using a transparent PNG. Just an alternative way of adding text. I made a video and posted it above if you care to view it.

If you do have issues with snapping, I do highly suggest making a new “Help/How To” post.

What do I need to do to enable snapping aside from clicking the horseshoe-shaped icon?

As I said earlier, I have clicked on the horseshoe and it is highlighted/white.

This is not my video, and in the video just watch from 1:00 to 1:30.
This shows how to use snapping once enabled.

Wonderful explanation on how to work with Snapping turned on.

Thanks for the heads-up on that Steve - I’d not tried Gravit before. I’ve DLed the portable version and just had a play with it. It’s pretty intuitive and nicely laid out - an excellent program to keep on my keyring thumbrive. The online version in a web-browser is pretty neat too :slight_smile:

Could somebody please post a clip on YouTube or wherever showing a title fading in and out over continuous base video, no jump cuts and no audio hiccups? Please indicate which Shotcut version you are using.

Thank you.

Already made the video: Not sure if you’ve seen this or not. I show it while using Shotcut, and with my screen name at the bottom right corner towards the end of the video.

…and you’ll see it in the demo I posted on this thread:

Exported from current version 18.05.08

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This was the simplest thing to do, but there’s a gotcha. No second track, no copying, no pasting, no snapping.

  1. Drag clip to timeline.

  2. Split the video in two places. This will give you three clips.

  3. Add title to middle (second) clip.

  4. Remove blank intervals between clips if any.

  5. Slide the clips to overlap where you want the dissolves.

The gotcha is due to the “time shifting” that occurs when sliding the clips on the timeline. Is there a way around this? I’ve seen the demo video but trimming the clips in the current version of Shotcut does not seem to make them overlap and create a dissolve.

Alternatively, you can omit the dissolves and “pop” the title in and out and there is no time shifting.

This clip will show you the time shifting. Note how the train advances when the title dissolves in.

Just opened Gravit, awesome!! I also looked at Xara Designer Pro X. From the feature page Xara looks really easy to use. I love the idea of owning software, and not subscription based.

Um…I’m loving Gravit. lol Thanks @Steve_Ledger!

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I can’t think why you are having so much trouble, it seems so simple to others and there’s no jump-cuts or hiccups, ever [with this method]

Actually, you never own software [unless you write it], you just buy the license to use it [under the EULA] :wink:

@chris319 I really am baffled as to why you are having problems, based on everything you have told us if you are following the advice given. The time lapse effect you showed us in your second sample is something I have deliberately induced, but never had by accident.
I think there may possibly be a breakdown in communication: you talk about overlapping clips to create a transition - this works fine, but you have to allow for the overlap - cutting extra frames to accommodate for the transition. If you use the method suggested, the second (copied) clip needs to have a “fade in” filter applied to achieve your desired result, not created by overlapping tracks. Are you using the “Fade In” filter, or dragging tracks over one another?

The only gotcha here is not willing to try out simple tools within Shotcut. Shotcut does make transitions with dissolve by default without any problem.

Given the fact that you don’t want to copy, paste, use snapping, create a 2nd track, (although you didn’t state this in your original post for help). Yep, Shotcut will not work for your given scenario.

Given your specific scenario, is this possible with a different editor?

If you are overlapping clips then you aren’t following my steps at all and have missed my screenshot in post #4

Here’s some fades that work fine. 2 Video tracks. One for video the second for text.

The only issue I had was when pasting the fades they went from 1 second to 3 seconds. Might be a bug. SC 18.05.08

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“The only gotcha here is not willing to try out simple tools within Shotcut.”

I’m willing to try anything, Hudson.

I see what you did in your demo video. I’ll give that a try.

“Given your specific scenario, is this possible with a different editor?”

Yes it is, but the other editor lacks things I need. Actually what I’m trying to do is pretty generic.

This guy shows you how to trim a clip without sliding it on the timeline, but Shotcut doesn’t quite work that way any more.

In addition, the fade in/out filter lets you fade video without fading audio. There are some audio artifacts doing it my way. For fading titles in and out you don’t need to change the audio.

Hey Chris,
If you highlight the text you want to quote, a small popup will appear which when clicked will quote that text in your post automatically.
This makes it easy to follow who and what you are responding to.

OK, I finally got it working.

I am a total beginner at editing with Shotcut. I have worked with Shotcut’s color grading and video levels and that has worked very well. But this is the first time I have used the timeline, worked with transitions, etc.

You guys left out too many details from your explanations and examples for me to duplicate your results without about three hours of trial and error. I also found a gotcha which no one has thought of and devised my own solution. My notes for re-creating this effect consist of 11 steps.

It is a wonderful thing that Shotcut exports to several lossless formats. I will be running my lossless video through a custom ffmpeg script.

You posted that you succeeded whilst I was composing the post below. Well done on getting it working :slight_smile:I’ll leave the post as it is in case the methods shown below make it any easier for you than the 11 steps you mentioned…

It does Chris. I’ve put a video below which demonstrates me adding titles to a random piece of video using the copy/paste method Steve described back in post 2. It may not be the method I normally use, but it’s straightforward and above all it works. Rather than use the opacity filter I have used the fade-in/fade-out filters because I find it slightly quicker and means you don’t have to worry about moving your key-frame boundaries if you change the length of the clip.
I’ve displayed the version of Shotcut I’m using (18.05.08) and everything works, copies, snaps, fades etc. as it should. If you copy the steps I take in the video you should achieve the same results. I’ve tried to do everything via the mouse rather than use keyboard shortcuts in the hope it will be clearer. I’ve also used both common methods of applying the fade filters (using the add filter dialogue and dragging the tar-balls). The resulting video file is included after the screengrab/how to.

There is no commentary but there is a selection of cheesy70s/80s TV theme tunes to fill the silence :upside_down_face:

For reference, the video file I used can be found here:

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