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Hello. I professionally edit video game footage (into projects / montages), and I’ve used Shotcut and other programs such as Adobe After Effects extensively.
This program is very easy to use and highly attractive, but adding a few new, key features would make it 1000% more useful for the visual effects / syncing design community.

The introduction of key frames was great! However, it is very limited. It should be expanded to almost all effects, and also to clip speed; it would be fantastic to be able to change the speed of a clip multiple times over its duration with the same, key frame feature. Moreover, zooming in and out (“screen pumps”) in VIDEO, using key frames, would be very very nice. Finally, the text needs some work. More effects and cool stuff on the text, and more settings in the 3D text should be implemented (e.g. the ability to tilt it side/side rather than just front and back, or being able to put images inside the 3D text rather than just a solid color).
PS: Add a filter that gently (adjustable) sways the screen back (and zooms in and out) and forth while it is activated. Very nice addition for chill / calm moments within videos.
I hope that you guys at Shotcut add some if not all of these features in the future. I know that it may not be easy, but I hope that you look into doing it because it would vastly improve this program, and build off of its sturdy foundation. Thank you!

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Hi Shadow -

I’ve been doing professional broadcast video probably since before you were born.

There is a saying that “less is more”. I don’t know what kind of video you do other than it involves games, but I’ve found that it doesn’t take much to go overboard with visual bling before your video looks cheap, tacky and gimmicky. Sometimes understatement gets the message across better than an excess of bling.

Food for thought. Personally I’d rather see the development team focus on robustness and quality control (bug fixes) than adding more visual gimmicks, but that’s just me.


Seeing as Shadow is a new user he is entitled to make some suggestions for features he would like to see added. I don’t see why you feel the need to make assumptions about the user and also insult them in your reply.

This is a forum to help grow and support Shotcut users, granted I would like to see Shotcut be more stable, but there are quite a few features I would like to see added over time. I don’t think it needs the heavy handed reply you gave.

I’ve flagged your post for a mod, as I don’t think that’s quite how new members with suggestions to improve Shotcut should be treated.


I’m NOT a professional, I’m an amateur who’s been doing this for a few months but I’ve achieved some great results that I’m pleased with. My work usually involves extensive use of 2D animated objects and having keyframes in SC has saved me having to use separate software for many of the effects I have used since version 18.05 was introduced. I have tried most of the free to use NLEs currently available and find SC the easiest to work with overall, though like most, I look forward to new features as they arrive.
You make some good suggestions and since the keyframes appear to be a WIP I’m sure we’ll see some of them in time. I can’t speak for 3D text because it’s not something I have used, or want to (as yet), but the zoom features (for stills AND video) are quite comprehensive already, though they’re not very drag-and-droppy, If you catch my drift. I’ve been quite surprised at what can be achieved with a few splits and keyframed size & positioning filters. It takes a little mental arithmetic but the results can be quite effective. The demo below I knocked up from some free stock footage this afternoon because I wanted to test a couple of things and your post spurred me on to do so sooner rather than later. It may not be the kind of effects you are looking for, but it does show that zoom and pan effects can be applied to video in a number of ways and have expanded SCs horizons considerably.


@QDSOV’s video inspired me to revisit the “Pull Focus” video I did a while back and add some keyframe enhancements to it.



Wow, nice demos, guys!


Thanks so much for the demo QDSOV! Its great to see how well it can work.

Cool demo! Is there a tutorial for teaching each of those cool effects?

Give me a little time and I’ll put something together. It’s all based on coordinates and is quite simple once you’ve got the hang of it :slight_smile:


I’ve put something together linked below which should help get you started. Everything in that demo is a variation of the methods described therein. Hope it helps :smiley:

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Thanks a ton! Is there a reason you prefer Vimeo to Youtube?

Nope. I will be publishing completed work on a YouTube account soon which I have been working on in one window. I use Vimeo for demos instead, so I can have both windows open and signed into different accounts simultaneously. It’s handy to be signed into Vimeo permanently too, because quite a few of the free clips I have used are hosted there.

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I use Chrome for this. You can assign Chrome to manage users, making a new window for each unique user of Chrome. I have two YouTube accounts, and Chrome keeps me signed in with both. You can even assign them icons. My main browser that I use 95% of the time is Firefox though.
chrome accounts


I use Chrome by default anyway but I didn’t realise you could be signed into different account in different windows on the same device simultaneously. Whenever I sign into a different account in one window, it seems to affect all the other windows open on Google services like YT, Gmail etc. too. Maybe there’s a setting I need to alter to allow multiple accounts open on one device?

Settings, Manage Other People, Add Person.
Then you can Open just from left clicking on the upper right tab, like in my photo above where it’s displays HxGames. Both YouTube accounts have different Google Email addresses. It keeps me signed in on both.

Both windows open, the HxGames has a theme applied, where the other one doesn’t.
chrome windows

Thanks Hudson - I’ll try that shortly :slight_smile:

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