How to export multiple clips from the Timeline

This was asked yesterday on the forum.
Here’s how you can select clips in your Timeline, move them to the Playlist and export them all as separate videos at the same time.

Edit: I had to edit the video. That typo was driving me crazy (almost).
If you find another one, don’t tell me :wink:


Super ! Merci :+1:

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There is (at least) one typo in the tutorial. :scream: :flushed:
I’ll send an Easter basket* to the first person who finds it.

Is that typo “viewrer”

Congratulations, you win.

I noticed it when you sent this video to

this topic.

Do you like 3D? If yes, do you have a good graphic card?
I sent this message by seeing the shotcut 3d logo video on your channel.

If you have a good graphic card, You need to set the render engine to cycles then the renderer to GPU from CPU because both Eevee and Cycles CPU take a big load on your computer whereas GPU don’t take that much load and makes your computer work frequently.

I do 3D, VFX and motion graphics just for fun. Learning slowly.
In Blender I focus on animations that can be rendered with Eevee because its about 12 to 15 times faster.
But in fact, I don’t really care if rendering takes long or if it hogs the resources because I do it on an old-ish computer that does only that kind of things. If it takes one hour, it takes one hour. If it takes 3 days, it takes 3 days. Not an issue.

Old-ish computers are just awesome install any software for test and if you believe the software then install it on new pc.
Well in my PC I use Cycles GPU because If in my Computer Eevee takes 5minutes to render 20 minutes animation then my gpu takes 3 minutes to render the same 20 minutes animation and if I render animations in eevee it makes my computer sometimes hanged whereas GPU doesn’t make Heavy load or hang on my PC my computer just runs smoothly.

Blender is installed on my 3 computers. I do the creation part on the more recent and powerful one and renders with the old beast.
If that answers your question, I think we should leave it there since this is not really related to the topic of this thread. :wink:

Well that is out of thread :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:,
But computers are amazing That’s all, Lets leave this topic now finally.

Perfect timing. I was about to ask the same question.

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Glad it helped you @andrewk89. And thanks for the feedback. It’s always appreciated :+1: