How to edit 4K HDR Videos

Hello, I am having problems editing HDR videos. I was filming a 4k HDR 30 FPS video with my Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and when I export videos to shotcut, the color is all faded and washed. I thought this was because I didn’t possess an HDR monitor so the colors would be all messed up, so I finished editing and exported the final video as an mp4 file, and uploaded it to Youtube to see how it looks. When I uploaded it, the colors were still washed and faded and I’m not sure how to proceed.

Is there a setting I’m supposed to toggle for HDR videos? The problems only occur when I import the original videos in shotcut. When I view them on my phone or my computer, the originals are still full of color. I mostly edit on a windows laptop but I have access to a desktop if I need to edit them there.

Any help would be appreciated it.


See here

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