How to dynamically change speed of video?

I want to slow down the video from 1 to 0 during a specific time period using keyframes.
And I can only find a simple solution, which is to ‘change speed in properties.’ It’s not what I want; I want to adjust the speed slightly.

Is it possible? I tried all filters like time map and others, but they don’t change the layer lengths, so they work differently, and I cannot figure out how they work.

Can’t help directly but if you search for “Shotcut speed ramp” you will find instructional videos for what I think you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for the answer!
It looks like more convinient way to set different speed between keyframes without cutting layer to subvideos, but it’s still discrete change of speed. I need to make slow down smoothly.

Thanks for the plug! That’s an old tutorial. There are new filters like Time Remap and Speed Forward you can experiment with

See here:

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Thank you for help. In the middle of the video I got what I need to know: the smooth keyframes is not available for Time Remap but maybe will be in future.

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