How to cut the silence part from a video?

I’m a new shotcut video user and I think is a great tool to video editing (I’m using the linux version).

The shotcut have a lot of filter, but I don’t found a filter that I need…

I need to cut all video (and audio) part where there is no audio?

Like these

I know that I can select and cut them manually, but in a long video it’s a long operation and there could be many errors.


Shotcut has no filters to automatically detect and cut silence. It has to be done manually.

If you’re willing to pay $10 there’s a tool here that might work for you. Have not tried it myself.

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That’s is a nice solution… but the executable are only for Mac or Windows… :frowning:

This might work for you.

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Here’s what I was looking for!!

The next step could will be to integrate it with shotcut with a plugin or step to execute when finish to export the video.

Is it possibile?

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