How to create a marvel intro?

I just recently saw a tutorial of Vegas Pro, that showed how to create marvel intro.

So any of you knows the way you create the same.

With Shotcut ?
No, but you’re going to explain us.

You need to either explain in more detail, or point to the webpage with the tutorial. I just Googled “vegas pro marvel intro” and up popped lots of results, many of which were considerably different from otherrs.

I would have definitely explained if I knew it myself. But I don’t know how to do it.

Is there a particular point in that video that demonstrates this intro? (I watched a little of it, but didn’t have time to watch the whole thing …)

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Another much shorter video found with Google

If you want to do the same thing with SC, it’s very easy, follow the tutorial explained in this video.
V1 background vidéo (No filter)
V2 Text “MARVEL” on transparent clip: Text color white, use keyframes to animate it
V3 Picture video with filter “Opacity”


Would something like this be good enough?

Same, but the images fall twice as fast.

It could be improve to make the motion blur more apparent at that speed.


Yes they look fine.

LOL, What is superman doing in a marvel intro :grinning:

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This looks amazing! Great job. I did something similar to this a while back when I was promoting one of my videos.

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@bentacular thanks!
I remember that trailer. Loved the super fast slideshow. :+1:

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