How to Copy AND PASTE two clips together

Hi All,
When I select two video clips on the timeline that have a short cross fade in between them (by clicking on the first clip, then holding the shift key and clicking the second clip) then I copy/paste the two clips, including the transition, Shotcut only pastes the first clip (and does not paste the transition or the second clip).

How can I paste both clips (with the transition in the middle) together? Thanks.

Same as this.

Blows my mind that the developers don’t have the foresight to include such a basic and common functionality as this in the software. Hopefully they’ll fix this fast… and notify us of it.

I receive this comment as an insult. You are claiming that Dan and I do not have foresight. We work very hard in our spare time for FREE against many competing requests and priorities.

You are welcome to be a member of this community to give and receive help and exchange ideas. But please keep your comments positive.

Also, I kindly request that you change your username since it looks very similar to the name of this program and people might misinterpret that you represent Shotcut somehow.

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