Copy/paste multiple clips

Hi, how to “copy/paste” more than one clip in Shotcut ?? This function is very useful in making an animation video :thinking:

thanks but that’s not what I asked. You just copy a single clip and paste it many times. What I want is to copy a sequence of 2 or more images on the timeline and then paste them so that I can repeat the same pattern.

My apologies for not understanding your initial question.

Not possible at this time, from the context of copy/paste shortcuts and menu options.
This has asked before, and answered here.

Also on the roadmap.

It is possible, but not the way you would expect it.
Save all clips to a MLT project file of their own.

New Project

Thank you. This sometimes helps although you cannot save or export a selected part of the project. It is incredible to me that shortcut does not have this function that many softwares for beginners have it! Thank you anyway!

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