How to blur 2 areas?

Hello, is it possible to have two areas blurred?

For one blurred area I use the following method:

  1. Add “Mask Simple Shape” filter
  2. Add “Blur Gaussian” filter
  3. Add “Mask: Apply” filter

I thought in previous versions this was possible by duplicating above filters, so it looks like:

  1. Add “Mask Simple Shape” first filter
  2. Add “Blur Gaussian” first filter
  3. Add “Mask: Apply” first filter
  4. Add “Mask Simple Shape” second filter
  5. Add “Blur Gaussian” second filter
  6. Add “Mask: Apply” second filter

Currently I’m using ShortCut 20.06.28 on Windows10 and adding a second mask apply filter is not allowed any more.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

See this subject

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Thank you for this excellent and swift answer :slight_smile:

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