How to apply a filter to just a part of a clip?

I asked at VideoHelp for a free/inexpensive video editor which would readily provide the ability to apply one or more filters to only part of a clip instead of the whole clip. The idea would be to select or otherwise identify a region of video or audio or both then apply the desired filter or filters to that selection only. One of the editors I was pointed to was Shotcut.

I’m a new Shotcut user (running v20.04.12 under 64-bit Win 10 Pro). I’ve tried searching for this feature but couldn’t find it. I also watched several tutorials, but none of them even hint that this is possible with Shotcut.

So, my question is: Can this actually be readily be accomplished within Shotcut? I’m well aware that I can split the clip into sub-clips and apply whatever filter I wish on whatever sub-clips I wish and then rejoin them, but pretty much every video editor can do that, and I refuse to do it that way.

If so, how?

I use other video editors (such as TMPGenc Video Mastering Works 7) for everything else I need to do, but I can’t find one that can do this.


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