How to add track to timeline?

The bar is not displayed for me :frowning:

Your problem is unclear.

Are you asking how to display tracks in the timeline? if you drag your clip from the preview into the timeline, then a track will be created.

What bar ? Do you mean a track in the timeline (Zeitachse) ?

  • Drag your video from the viewer to the timeline area. This will automatically create a new track.
  • Or click the + button in the timeline tool bar. This will copy what’s in the viewer to a new track in the timeline.
  • Or do Ctrl+i to create a new track in the timeline.
  • Or go to the timeline menu to create a new track in the timeline.

Ooops… didn’t see you had already answered @Brian

Thx kannst du deutsch?

No, Google helped me :wink:

ok xD

For a good beginner’s tutorial see:

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@Elusien Thanks for the shoutout!

It’s a pleasure. I was very impressed with the tutorial and would recommend it especially to users who are just starting out as it is so easy to follow.

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