How to add 2 masks to same track?

Im trying to cover 2 information block of my video track … but I could not add to masks sucessfully

I can just add 1 mask apply filter … cover the information but make the area without mask all black :frowning:

How can I proceed ?

Maybe add another mask apply filter to make the blocks … this is the solution from user side … probably not so easy from shotcut developer side

thanks in advance to all help !

In your first mask, on top of the list of filters, Operation needs to be set to Overwrite
Add your other masks just bellow the first one and set Operation to Add.

I used Brightness to hide the subjects, but of course, you can choose any filter of you want there. Blur, Mosaic, etc…

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Hello MusicBox

Worked to me perfect … thanks … maybe some day we can use different effects in this masks ! :slight_smile:

Another strange is I needed to hire the uppper video track and all set and showing the image of upper track … crazy but the important it worked fine to me in the final !

Thanks again !

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