How rotate video

Please I need help. I will to learn how rotate video. When I use rotate in filters, so the video is stuck on 1080*1920. And I can not change it for 1920x1080 so I most of video is “cut”… How I can rotate video?
I saw tutorials, but this was for older version, where was only rotate, no other choice… Thanks for help.

Použijte otočení posuvník.

I did, I change it, but the size no chaned :frowning: On screen is video after I use rotate (90 degree)

Can you explain more clearly what you want to achieve, for example:

What resolution is the original video (1920x1080 or 1080x1920)?
What resolution do you want for the result (1080x1920 or 1920x1080)?

But, I don’t understand what you want to get as a result.

Do you also want to increase the scale of the video while rotating?
If so, increase the zvetseni (zoom) slider while changing the rotation slider.

Don’t hesitate to speak in your own language, if you aren’t comfortable with english.

Go into the properties for you clip and set rotation to 90

It will change the aspect ratio of you source clip 9:16 to 16:9 (or the other way round)

Screenshot from 2022-02-05 18-37-50

It appears the Video Mode is not set. Left in Automatic, Shotcut appears to have set the video mode to 1080x1920, and does not change after rotating the video in Properties.

If you are trying to convert a Portrait (Vertical) video to a Landscape (Horizontal) one see here for instructions:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Choose “Settings->Video Mode->HD 1080p 60”
  3. Open your video file

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