How do I add a landscape background colour to a portrait video

I’m editing a fitness video that I shot in portrait but it’s going on You Tube so I’m trying to add a landscape size background behind the video so that I can export it and upload it as a landscape so it looks better on You Tube. I’m new to this app and have so much to learn. Tried looking on You Tube for the exact thing I want to do but can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t want to make the fitness video itself landscape because that won’t work. Tried doing the open other and choosing a colour and dragging that to the V1 layer but then it covers the whole video. I know I’m doing something wrong.

Including a photo:

Have your video on V2 (as you currently do).
Image or color on V1.

YouTube will upload any resolution you give it. Meaning if you want to upload your vertical video as shown, you can do so. No need to add color or an image to fill the black areas.

If you wish to edit, then export your vertical video for YouTube, then set your Video Mode to Vertical HD 30 fps before you start the project. You can change the video mode during your project but you may need to adjust all of your filter settings.

The Video Mode is located here:
Settings → Video Mode → Non-Broadcast → Vertical HD 30fps

One thing in your screenshot shows your video having an odd frame rate. You may want to convert your video to a solid frame rate. You can do so within Shotcut. It will make a new video file for you to edit with, leaving your original file intact.

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If I understood your concern correctly
youtube video in hd
my video in 294x512
my image in 1500x925

Alternatively, use the “Blur: Pad” filter


What I use to do is place the same video in 2 tracks … the upper the original vertical video … and lower track I add filter “size position rotate” to stretch to entire background and add blur … I like the final result !

Thanks for the tips. I went and changed it to the vertical HD 30fps. I know I can upload it to You Tube as is just think a colour looks nicer. Okay I went to open other choose colour snow white. I see the colour in the main frame. I dragged that colour down to V1 and it still looks the same. Saw something on You Tube about insert a video track or inserting track. Do I need to do that?

I’m using version 22.12.21 as I’m on Catalina operating system and the newest version was making my videos all orange looking so I posted on here and it was suggested the metal GPU may not be working with my older system.

When you upload to YouTube, the video will be displayed in Vertical mode. If people are watching with their cell phones, they will not see any border, just the original video. If people are watching with a computer they will see your original video surrounded by white or black depending on their preference for light or dark mode. A popular thing on YouTube is “Shorts”, where the video has to be vertical. A short-length video leading people to your channel.

For a white background on both sides of your video, leave the Video Mode in HD 1080p 30fps. Then follow what you have done in your above screenshot.

A seemingly popular method to fill space around the vertical video is using the Filter: Blur: Pad, as @snowmen has pointed out. That video mode would be HD 1080p 30fps.

Really appreciate your help. I coverted the video back to HD 1080 but the white is still not showing behind the video. See below:

If I hit lengthen the white beyond the end of my video you can see it in landscape mode. How do I make it show behind the video? There is a step I’m missing. This time I hit insert video and choose other for colour and added it in to the cell. Maybe my snow white colour isn’t working? See below the white background past the video length:

Do you have any filters applied to your video on V2?

Yes I did brightness earlier and think I did sound as well.

That must have been it. Just went back to the original video had the white set up behind and added the original video to top layer and that seemed to work. So thank you. Can you add a custom background in there besides the colour. Like if I wanted a background from say like canva or something. Is it possible to drag that in?

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Yes, you can. Just save the background to your computer and drag it to a track below your video. If possible, try to download the image as a PNG file.

For more images, you might want to check out a few sites from this page.

I like using PixaBay and Pexels.


Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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