How can I export or setup to have a transparent background


how can I setup a transparent background to my project

files uploades below:

patrocinadores.mlt (11.1 KB)

Thanks in advance !!!

Je crois que @MusicalBox avait donné une solution pour exporter une vidéo avec transparence.
Je ne retrouve pas son post, mais je crois me souvenir qu’il faut utiliser le format ‘QuickTime Animation’
@MusicalBox, si vous repassez ici :smiley:

I believe @MusicalBox gave a solution to export a video with transparency.
I can’t find his post, but I seem to remember that you have to use the ‘QuickTime Animation’ format
@MusicalBox, if you come back here :smiley:

Here is the link suggested by @Namna

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That tutorial is kind of obsolete @SergeC. It still works, but there is an easier way to do it now that doesn’t involve using the Chroma Key filter.

Just put your transparent clips in the timeline and export using one of the 3 alpha export presets.

I personally prefer the Quicktime Animation preset. The resulting file is bigger, but takes less time to export and it runs more smoothly when imported in other projects. Also, in the past I sometimes experienced flickering in the exported files when using either one of the WebM presets. Maybe this is fixed now. Will need to check.

I really should finish the updated tutorial I started a couple of months ago…


Using last beta version and I do not see the Other tab on the timeline menu … maybe in the next stable version will repear ?

The Other and Options submenus were removed quite a long time ago from the Timeline menu.
Look in Settings > Timeline to find most of the settings that were in those submenus.

Timeline Menu > Other > Properties was moved to Timeline Menu > View
Timeline Menu > Other > Reload no longer exists (it seems).

maybe a updated tutorial video ? :slight_smile: … thanks I will check it !

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