How can i clean up a green screen video?

with the way my green screen is set up (I don’t have a green screen stand) some parts of the green screen are not the same green
the result is something a little like this

is there a way to clean up the green screen? i tried putting multiple chroma key filers in the same video and that didn’t seem to work

You need to fix as much as possible when shooting the video, a consistent green screen and correctly illuminated background will help a lot.



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Take a green (or blue) piece of cloth that covers the whole background and light it up, so that you don’t thwow a shadow on it. Then it will work much easier :wink:

There is also a possible solution in the Chroma Key Filter with the Setting “Distance”.

Small adjustments to this Value can result in a better clearance of the Greenscreen.

fix it with Green Paint - it’s cheap

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