How can I change the aspect ratio to 16:10?

Right now It looks like this on the preview

yes … go settings/video mode/custom/add

it opens a pop up form and you can change as you need
Captura de tela 2024-07-06 125958

and do not forget to change to same parameters when go to export the video


I didn’t see it because I have 14" 2x scaled screen.

What’s the difference between progressive and interlaced scan mode?

That should be unnecessary - and sometimes harmful. The export panel will automatically start with the values from the Video Format. It is rare for anyone to need to change those values.

It describes the video scan mode. You can Google progressive/interlaced video if you are really curious. In general, it is best to match the scan mode of your source file - unless you have a good reason to convert it. You can look at the properties panel for your source clip to see the native scan mode.

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See also the glossary our documentation

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it works if preset is not chosen …