How are you supposed to zoom now in the new update?

I don’t see rotate and scale as an option anymore and i think it’s been put with something other, but now i don’t know how to use it or maybe where to find ?

Rotate and Scale has been merged with Size and Position to create a new filter called Size, Position & Rotate.


Use the zoom slider.


See the thing is, how do i get it to move to a certain part of the video like up right ?
I was able to do this before but now i can’t because it’s zooming into the middle and just rotates and thats it

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There are no tutorials for the new SP&R filter. Take a look at these posts. They might help.

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Double click on the bottom round dot, this activates the position arrows, and can move anywhere in the size parameters of the image/video. To deactivate the position arrows, double click on the round dot once more.

2020-10-02_14-26-39 shotcut_2020-10-02_14-26-58

As @sauron pointed out you can zoom via the built slider. Another way is using the mouse scroll wheel. You can use the scroll wheel on the zoom slider, the percentage number (for finer control) and scroll on the image/video itself.

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It may be intuitive to the authors, but obviously not to many, including me. Fine to make improvements, but there needs to be a commitment to documentation of new features, i.e. before you kill the features we know how to use, make sure there is a tutorial. Or at least leave the old feature in place tell you get the documentation out there. I’m on a deadline, and I’m having to install an old version of shotcut to get something I can use. That is not nice. Sorry.

On the latest version every time you pick the Size, Position and Rotate filter a dialog box appears under the player letting you know how can have more control of the rectangle box:

So when you are zooming in make sure you use the instructions above in order to move anywhere you want.

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Hi steve_pence
I agree with you, I just can’t work out how to use the size position and rotate filter. I have asked for help on this forum and not received any. There’s plenty of how to videos for the old version but nothing for the new version. And the old version seemed a lot easier to use, I just can’t get my head around how to use the new version

Hi Hudson,
At the moment I want to learn how to pan and zoom on a picture.

Here’s an clip of how to do it

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