High CPU and Memory Usage

hi, im using latest Shotcut version (21.09.20) and i think thres somehting wrong with either my settings or the Shotcut it self. have a look:

this also happen using version 21.03.XX, and thats the reason why i update the Shotcut to the latest version.

the problem is written below:

  1. when you play the clip, it will have the delay and stuttering, and high CPU usage also
  2. all the settings ive set to the lowest (as light) as possible
  3. when you reverse the video, but the video hasnt finished reverse and you play the video up until it finished reverse, Shotcut terminated automatically

my specs below:
Win10 with lastest updates
AMD Ryzen 3 2200 with Vega 8


While your CPU can handle the processing, you are running out of ram.
And with your video, you are forcing your computer to decide which program to use more by leaving Google Chrome open. The video clearly shows Chrome gasping for more ram as well as Shotcut. So your computer is writing to a Cache file to accommodate for not having enough memory.

It would be best to reboot your computer, and just run Shotcut with nothing else open.

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I agree - before I start any SHOTCUT editing session, I reboot the computer and use SHOTCUT exclusively. Rarely have an issue now. I’ve got an i5 with 8RAM.

The other thing to check - if I have it slowing, I check that UPDATES aren’t playing games in the background with whatever they’re doing - I click “Pause Updates for 7 days” and that keeps it out of mischief. Just remember to flick it back on.

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