Hi, I would like to know where can I find various different skins of audio waveform visualization for shotcut

for free. Also tell me if I can turn any waveform audio visualization into a square that will cover image corners. Much help appreacited.

Hi @macor

Sorry to say this, but you should really try to make the effort of giving as much details as you can about your requests. And include images or video examples when possible.

What do you mean by skins ?
I’m not aware of any skins that can be added to the Shotcut filters.

I guess one way to do this is to create 3 duplicates of the visualisation filter then position and rotate each one.

what I mean is difrent visualization. Like flames.
Your option of making duplicates is nice too, thank you.

There is no way to add other shapes to the Waveform and Spectrum visualization filters. Unless you’re a programmer. In that case I guess you could modify the filters yourself and make them look how you want :slight_smile:

could you let me know why isn’t audio visualization happening? Much help appreacited

Like I explained in your other post, for audio visualization filters to work, you need to put your audio clip on a VIDEO track, and put that track above all the other tracks in your project.

I remember now, thank you.

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