Help! Video won't export - no video all black just the audio

Hi there,

So I recently spent a fair amount of time to edit a video, it’s about 10 minutes long and I am not able to to export it in a usable mp4 format. I would like an MP4 to upload to youtube. When I try to export the file, and I’ve tried the default settings and lowering the resolution but it didn’t help. It’s only a 10 minute video so I feel like I must be missing something.

When I export it, not a single video software can open it it will say file type not supported or corrupted. Or it will work but the video will be all black, and all the video is gone and there will only be audio and a black screen. I’ve been checking out forums and I can’t find an answer. Thank you all very much for the help.


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There are a lot similar problems reported in this forum, but you did not mention about the common problems found.

  • Turn off hardware encoder if you have that turned on.
  • Do not change video codec quality to 100%.
  • Do not change anything in Export > Advanced.
  • Open the exported video in Shotcut and see if it shows the video.
  • With the exported video opened in Shotcut, show a screenshot of the Properties panel.

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