Help please with rendering issues with DJI action 3

Hi, I’m new to video. I use a chromebook 15 for rendering. and have some major issues with my DJI osmo action 3 when rendering.

I’ve tried a few profiles even down to yt profiles as standard and still the video jumps. But If i post direct from the cameras SD card to my YouTube channel there no now panning issues but after rendering with shortcut the video jumps badly when panning and everything I have tried seems to not work.

Playing the videos back on my chromebook has the same issue so its coming from shotcut?

I’ve selected the video mode for the DJI in shotcut, then pick the matching FPS, GOP and b frames i have tried everything but still nothing. I set the bitrate to 80mbs but again have tried standard setting with no luck.

This video shows the issues, jumping or stuttering Video

I’ve tried the DJI in 24, 30 and 60 fps with no luck I used to have Kdenlive which renders ok with no jumping but that program crashes so much it’s no used to me. I’m not sure if its a compatibility problem with the DJI and shotcut, I just don’t know but I’m stuck.

Cameras codec is H264, Hevc causes too many issues, Hope i’ve added enough info.

Shotcut is based on the same tech as Kdenlive. You wrote “profiles” but nothing in Shotcut is labeled “profile.” Then, you mention “pick the matching FPS, GOP” but where? You need to start with Video Mode. From your description, your choice for this is wrong, and changing it in Export > Advanced > Video does not fix that. If you choose Automatic, simply add a DJI video first to a new project, and it will set Video Mode automatically. If you want to see your timeline’s video mode, click Output in the top left corner of the timeline and view Properties.

Thanks, sorry i call the different presets h264 so on profiles, 30 minutes after posting this thread i found the problem, it was the GOP, i read it should be half, not sure where I read it but watching a shotcut tuition vid it stated leave as standard so i did and it fixed the issue.

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