Has anyone yet tried shotcut on win 11?

I recently saw a screenshot, which reminded me of can shotcut run on win 11, I have yet not got it in my PC, that’s why I am raising this discussion.

But if you have used shotcut on win 11, how was your experience?

The place from which I got the screenshot:-

(Click on the screenshot link and see the taskbar, it’s win 11)

For the devs

Any sneak-peak for a development build of shotcut for win 11?

The current 21.10.31 release runs just fine on Windows 11. I have been using Shotcut on Windows 11 for some time now and have not seen any issues.


I am running it now as well on one of my machines.

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Hi Guys,

So I was using Shotcut for a longer time (at least 2 years), today I try to run it for the first time on the newly migrated Windows 11 but I get a blank screen, Shotcut is frozen on the “Expiring cache” launch/splash screen, nothing is happening.

I have reinstalled the software (removed and taken the version from Microsoft Store), I paid the product but it is not opening on my PC.

How could I debug this thing?

You can reset a MS Store app by right click on app icon and something in the menu: App Settings > Reset > Repair. If that does not work try App Settings > Reset > Reset. It might help. Or, you can see if the portable download works.

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The last portable version works fine on the 11 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies.

1/ I tried Repair then Reset in Add or Remove Programs, I am getting (waiting for response) all the time
2/ I downloaded the portable x64 version from the official website but with same result

Any idea/clue what can I do next to unblock Shotcut and use it again on my PC? :slight_smile: we’re speaking about 21.10.31 version on Win11 x64

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