Shotcut exporting 1920 x 1088p video instead of 1920 x 1080

So when I try to export a video in 1920 x 1080, and then upload it to youtube, (this video it uploads in what seems to be an aspect ratio I didn’t pick (I picked 16:9) so I checked VLC player and it said that it was 1920 x 1088.
I searched up a fix but it came up with basically nothing and if u are wondering the unedited video is in the right resolution and aspect ratio.

You are just showing the final export, by seeing the final export, we can only guess several things related to your problem. But not the real problem that easily.

You should make a screen recording of your export settings (by the software you use for screen record, eg:- OBS) and also tell the original properties of the clip from the properties tab in shotcut.

Do you mean something like this:


you have to look at video resolution, the other is the internal buffer size.

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On YouTube it’s showing 4k settings of:

Open up your project.
When you go to Export, click “Reset”, then Export File.
Do not enter into Advanced.

If that didn’t work, then we need to look at the video specifications and the Video Mode settings in Shotcut.

  • For your source video, click on the clip, then Properties. Most interested in knowing the Resolution and Frame rate.
    Here is an example:

  • For the Video Mode, click on Output, then Properties. Again, looking primarily for Resolution and Frame rate.
    Example: (There will be a red outline around “Output” when selected.)

I predict this is the answer. Many codecs operate on blocks of 8 pixels. 1080 is not divisible by 8, so many codecs will encode 1088 and then the player is told to ignore the last 8 lines.


Having a senior moment Brian? 1080÷8 = 135.000000000000

Yes. I meant 16. Many codecs operate on blocks of 16. Hence the remainder of 8 lines.

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When i click properties, nothing shows up

Yes, that is what i mean

these r my settings

You need to select a clip, or Output, then Properties.

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ohhh, ok thanks.
So turns out I put the wrong resolution when importing the clips in Shotcut because I was trying to upload a YouTube short and it didn’t work so I gave up and forgot to change the resolution that Shotcut exports.
Thank you for the help.

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