Has Anyone Tried This Rotoscoping Workaround?

Hi @bentacular - at least I can help with the time-consuming task of exporting each image as a frame manually.

I wrote this Auto Hotkey script which exports and saves multiple frames automatically. (Windows only)
Try it! :
Right-click the ahk file and select “Run Script”.
In Shotcut, put the playhead at the beginning of a clip. Press Ctrl/q. It will export the first 2 frames. Note I use mouse positions in the script because I found the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl/shift/E unreliable. So you might need to change the mouse coordinates.

When you have tried it, delete the 2 frames it generated and try again with Ctrl/w, which is set to generate 12 frames. You can have a coffee while it works!!

Then you can change “12” to any number!
You can also change the script to name your exported files with any name of your choice, and also save as jpgs rather than pngs!

How it works:
The line of code

 clipboard := Format("{:02}", ++i) ".png"

saves the file incrementally (adding an incremental number to the file). Cool heh!
Shotcut - EXPORT FRAME and SAVE incrementally - multiple frames.zip (704 Bytes)

I plan to write a dedicated post soon just about this.

Hello @jonray
Isn’t it more convenient to use the *Stills export option already built in Shotcut ?
1- Send a clip to the Source player (using the timeline Copy button)
2- Use the “i” and “o” keys to isolate the part to export
3- Export as Stills, choosing the format of your choice
4- Shotcut will export each frame as a separate image
And it’s lightning fast, no time to get up and prepare the coffee :smiley:


@MusicalBox - My goodness, that’s brilliant! I never knew that existed!! Oh well, doing it the AHK way gives a lot of satisfaction just watching the mouse zoom across the screen LOL!
Thank you so much. Good job you alerted me, I was thinking of doing a quick YouTube tutorial …

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You’re welcome @jonray.
This proves that even us mere mortals can show a thing or two to the Gods on Mount Olympus :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you share a video capture of that ?
I’d use it to replace the 8 hour long fireplace video I run on my TV in the living room :grin:

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LOL! Here you go! :grin::grin: Grateful thanks @bentacular for the HOT footage :rofl:


I can’t play the video @jonray. Not on my phone anyway. Something about copyright claim. :thinking:

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Hi @musicalbox - I’ve changed the music and replaced the link in the post above. Should work. Formerly I used Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers but YouTube blocked it because of copyright :wink:

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Maybe someone needs to make a tutorial so it’s searchable…lol


It works well… but it must be a pain to keep looking at the screen all the time, hahaha. :laughing:


I got another one you can stare at

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En cette période de couvre feu, moi je cherche plutôt une vidéo en boucle d’une rue animée avec plein de circulation :sunglasses:

In this period of curfew, I’m looking for a looped video of a busy street with lots of traffic. :sunglasses:


Thanks ! So soothing. And captivating :grin:

I agree. Want to do it Ben ? :innocent:

Ce qui me manque un peu plus que les bouchons de circulation c’est la liberté de pouvoir aller chercher un Big Mac à minuit si j’en ai envie :stuck_out_tongue:

Traffic ? I miss even more the liberty I had of going out at midnight to go grab a Big Mac :stuck_out_tongue:

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So funny! :rofl:

A tutorial on that Auto HotKey technique would be great, but using it to create exported frames incrementally is not the best way to do it, as @musicalbox kindly pointed out.
HOWEVER, I just thought of another use for the AHK script. It’s too clever to not use! My idea is another method for Typewriter text. I’ll have a go when I can grab a moment.

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A tutorial on this would be fantastic, @bentacular. :+1:

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Just wanted to say, as someone new to the forum, it’s great to see a genuine and honest response from everyone when a question is raised. No malice, criticism or ridicule (like other foruma I’ve been on!).

I’m still learning Shotcut so some of what is mentioned above (and in other posts) is a bit above my head right now but I’m so impressed with the collective work especially by @jonray, @bentacular, @MusicalBox and @drm in this post. Really appreciated guys! :clap:


Thanks for these kind words @Andy_M :+1:

It definitely is

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Out of the 3 standard OS choices, I’d choose Linux ever time. I’m fortunate/unfortunate to use the 3 each day both at work and home. Working in a school that is 90% Windows desktop/server based, with media and arts specifically MacOS and I rebuilt my work laptop on Mint to annoy my boss :rofl:. At home I use Mac and windows/ubuntu dual booting. For speed, lack of bloat and support Mint/Ubuntu wins for me.

Thankfully Shotcut is available on all my devices so great effort guys!

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