Happy New Year 2022!

Thank you @shotcut and @brian for another year in the development of Shotcut! Your time and efforts are really appreciated!

And also thank you to forum regulars @Austin, @jonray, @Hudson555x, @Namna, @Elusien, @TRA, @MusicalBox, @bentacular and every one else that has taken the time out to contribute here this year! You help keep the momentum moving forward!

Sending all of you warm wishes for 2022! :grinning:


Happy New Year everyone! I hope the new year brings blessing to everyone!

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Happy New Year to all of you

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Happy New Year to you, @drm! And to all those you mentioned above, plus a few others including @awake, @Ar_D and @RilosVideos (and no doubt some more I left out…)
Here’s a little HTML message for all. I didn’t design it (nowhere clever enough) but I saw it on Codepen. The designer is Zane Wesley. All credit to him.
2021-new-year-s-countdown.zip (10.6 KB)
To open it, unzip the file. Open the folder, then open the “dist” folder, then double-click the “index” HTML file.


Happy and healthy new year to all of you!

Oh… :cry: the countdown is over :sob:

Well, no problem, I edited the thing.
Now I just need to wait for a little while.

Click the arrow -below

Spoiler - Look only if you've already opened jonray's file



Hey, just checked that out after a busy schedule.

Happy New Year to the whole forum! (also @moderators )

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I also did that, now waiting for 2023.

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LOL! In fact you (in Canada) will have to wait about 5 hours more than us (UK) I think…

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And you in the UK will have to wait 2 hours more than us in Cyprus.

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Thanks, Ben, and happy new year to all


Thanks to all of you who make this the best open source non-linear video editor. Happy Safe and Prosperous New Year to you all.

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Away for a while, a little busy, but I’m always on the lookout. I take this opportunity to wish everyone in this learning and information exchange forum a HAPPY NEW YEAR, MAY 2022 BE FULL OF PEACE, HEALTH AND SUCCESS FOR ALL. I take this opportunity to alert newcomers like me, be careful when using the tool that transforms video into photos (frames). I needed some photos of a video, I could have just captured it, but I wanted to use this tool. Guys, 3 minutes of video gave thousands of frames, it was a huge job to select. The warning remains.

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meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année :slight_smile:
best wishes for the new year :slight_smile:

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Stay safe fellow Shotcutters!


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