GPU questions, please HELP!

I just installed a video card on my windows 10 machine (i had no video card before this one) thinking it would help me when I’m working in shotcut because the workflow is extremely sluggish, it’s practically unusable for me to edit videos. When I play back from the timeline everything is slow and choppy I can’t tell if I’m making good edits.

Was it pointless to buy this video card?

Is it possible to use the video card to help my editing process and exporting process be smoother?

It’s very difficult and slow to edit right now. I have the latest version of Shotcut for 2020

Thank you!

Under Settings, you can try changing the Display Method. Different methods work differently with different display devices.

Also, have you tried:

  • enable “Real TIme (frame dropping)”?
  • change Preview Scaling

Also, see this (long) thread: Shotcut proxy videos auto creation auto replace tool for fast smooth editing

And see the FAQ

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