GoPro Fusion 360... Overcapture-like plugins for Shotcut?

I’ve just started using a GoPro Fusion 360 and I’ve been able to stitch together some quite pleasing bits and bobs courtesy of my beloved Shotcut.

Now, Premier Pro has plugins which allow you to efficiently edit 360 video to show a sector of it at any given time and export in a conventional resolution. Overcapture basically allows you to pick and choose which direction to include in the frame of a conventional resolution at any one time.

I am aware that this can be done with keyframing in Shotcut, but is anyone aware of any Overcapture-like plugins which exist for Shotcut which have similar functionality to PP’s Overcapture plugins? IF so, it would just make my life a little simpler :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time if you have any input!

See these threads.

Perhaps these plugins will help.

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