Glaxnimate 2D Animation/Motion Graphics Software

Glaxnimate is a simple, cross-platform, open source 2D animation program.

Some examples uses for video and Shotcut:

  • more advanced text animation
  • simple video annotations like boxes, circles, and arrows
  • animate emojis
  • convert animation clip art for the web in the Lottie, SVG, or WebP formats

For example, I found this 3,2,1 Go Lottie animation online, downloaded it in JSON format, opened it in Glaxnimate, exported it as a WebM video, and imported it into Shotcut:

Why not download it as a GIF or MP4? Because neither of them have an alpha channel. A GIF can have a transparency mask, but because it is one bit it has rough edges. MP4 does not have an alpha channel and requires chroma key, which is more work and not always clean.

Glaxnimate can export a WebM video that includes an alpha channel! File > Export > Video and save your file with a name that ends with .webm. Open the video in Shotcut and place it on a video track that is higher than your background video or image:


Look very nice.
can’t get the export to a .webm to work on Linux, using the .AppImage (0.5.0)

Screenshot from 2022-01-23 08-29-49

Created a bug report upstream

I downloaded it on my ubuntu VM, and it works totally fine.

I may download it on my windows soon…

Je suppose que ce programme est réservé aux tout nouveaux Macs M1

I guess this program is reserved for brand new M1 Macs

Wow! Looks promising for text animations. I have to take a look at it. Thank you!

I do not understand the French, but I do not believe Glaxnimate is NOT signed and notarized for macOS. I would expect Rosetta 2 can run the Intel build fine. The Windows build is not signed either.

I can’t open the .dmg file with my Mac 2 years old !
Here is a screen capture in English

Sorry my typo but I meant to write that macOS build is NOT signed and notarized. While the Qt version it uses supports macOS 10.14 that does not mean its other dependencies were set backwards for compatibility. When building on a recent macOS and SDK one must set a variable MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to the oldest version to support, and there can be limits to that per dependency. When I build the Shotcut Intel it is done using an older version of Qt to support macOS 10.12 and then I set this variable as well when building all dependencies. Hopefully as we extend our partnership I can help address some of these issues.

I recently updated the intro for my Youtube Shotcut tutorials. I did it using version 20.07.11, the Text:HTML filter and the GSAP library.The result is shown below. I intend to install Glaxnimate and see if I can come up with something similar to guage which is easier to work with.

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I think this is off topic.

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Youre probably right. From my first attempts at using Glaxnimate it is apparent that while there is some overlap in tex and SVG animation, the two approaches are very different. I can produce efects in one that can’t be done in the other and vice versa. It will be interesting to spend some time playing with Glaxnimate. (6.9 KB)

I’ve problem importing webp file in shotcut: dragging the file in the playlist nothing happens neither dragging in a empty video track.
Should be exported with specific settings ? (attached is the glaxanimate project)

I have a similar problem with a small project I’ve been working on. I export it as a “.webm” video file but it won’t open in Shotcut, nor in a browser.

I’ve created webm files before with other S/W and been able to open them in Shotcut, so the problem would appear to be with Glaxnimate.

Just for clarity glaxanimate allows webp export. (my mistake in the first posted reply).
Im my case webp file is well played by Firefox and Chrome)

Yes I downloaded your project fed it into Glaxnimate, exported it as a “webp” file (similar to GIF) and ran that OK in Chrome, but not in Shotcut. I’m pretty sure that Shotcut does not support animated webp files, while it does support webm video.

Dan’s suggestion was to export as .webm video files and these, when I produced them using Glaxnimate, neither play in the browser, nor in Shotcut

My mistake
Exporting in webm format works perfectly in Shotcut (with alpha channel)

That’s strange, I’ve exported 3 .webm files from Glaxnimate, including one from your project, but Shotcut fails to open any of them. I created 1 using Pencil2d that I played with in the past and Shotcut does open that one perfectly (with alpha channel correct).

I’m using version 20.07.11, so I might load the latest Shotcut and try that. Also, I’m on Windows 11, if that makes a difference.

Shotcut 21.12.24 on Win10

I’m pretty sure the problem is with Glaxnimate as neither the Chrome nor Edge browser will play them, but they will play the one created by Pencil2D.

I attached is the project and the webm exported file (323.3 KB)
that works fine with shotcut