Glass Shattering Effect (Any Ideas?)

Greetings fellow Shotcutters!

My name is AJ and I have been making and editing videos with Shotcut for about a year now. I routinely add videos to my YouTube channel which you can check out right here. This year, I am focusing my channel on paying tribute to the WWF (WWE?) Attitude Era. For this particular video that I am working on, I want to create this glass shattering/falling down from a pane of glass effect as seen in the example here

Any help is appreciated. A link/plug to your channel or site will be included in the video description with the final upload. Thank you for your help and keep on Shotcutting!


Shotcut doesn’t have a glass shatter effect.
An overlay can be made with Blender and applied to a video or image or…

Using a text HTML overlay and Elusien’s webvfx framework (fragmentation) you can create a quasi shatter effect.


That is stunning, @sauron!:+1::+1: Just wondering how you did it … Did you apply the fragmentation to a white rectangle?
Three cheers for @Elusien, too! :smile:

Made the Hexagon with text and white border on a transparent background.with Gravit. Saved as png.
Used the image in my fragment template.

<img alt="“src=“Image.png”” <="" div="">



Ah, of course. I can see the hexagon fragmenting now. At first glance I thought it was a white rectangle which you overlayed. Makes sense now. Thanks.

Oh hellyeah! Will have to try this. Thank you for this! :pray:

Hi @sauron I’ve been trying this workaround myself but to no avail. I don’t have a copy of Blender and I have little to no experience when it comes to working with HTML5. If you could help me further - it would be most appreciated.

I started by making a JPEG of the AUSTIN 3:16 in Photoshop and saving it out as a JPEG. Then I imported that file into Shotcut. I select the video clip, go to Filters and try to apply the “Overlay HTML” option but I don’t see it. Instead all I see is “Text: HTML

I am running Shotcut version 19.21.31 on macOsSierra.

@AVENUENIGHTS Overlay HTML was changed to Text HTML a few versions ago.

Here’s the project I made including the required HTML and java script file. (412.7 KB)

Put everything in one folder and open the project in Shotcut. You will be able to see what I did.

NH and NV control the amount of fragmentation. The larger the numbers the slower it will preview in Shotcut. It’s best to check the fragmentation in your browser.

Image.png is the file that will be used to fragment. You can replace it with whatever image you want to use. I’ve found it works better to use png instead of jpg. My preference.

I also included a fragment template in the zip file. It’s usually best to keep the webVFX.js file in the same folder with html file.


Thank you!!! :pray: :smiley: The zip file was very helpful. By opening your project I was able to see what you were doing, replace your image with my image and dial in my preferred settings for the fragmentation effect.

I would like to render this out. However, the render time is excruciatingly long. Is there a workaround for speeding up the render time? Is there a specific Export Preset I should use?

Text HTML overlays tend to make the export take longer. I don’t think there’s anything you can do to speed it up.


Got it @sauron Video is wrapped. I really do appreciate your help with this. If there is any website or social media you want me to plug when I upload this in February - you let me know. Thanks again!

Also thanks to @Elusien for the webvfx framework that made the fragmentation effect possible!


I’ll check out the video in February on YT.:+1:

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Thanks for the comment. It was fun creating my framework knowing that it would help quite a lot of people to produce some reasonable animation effects (especially as this was before Dan got keyframes working).

I am pretty busy at present with another unrelated project (golf apps for my club) and other things, but I hope to be able to get back into Shotcut later this year and hopefully come up with some other ways of helping Shotcut users.


Here’s the finished product for anyone who’s interested.

Thanks again @Elusien and @sauron



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I used to do this with Maya and a plugin called blastcode. It was pretty cool. Probably the best glass shattering effect ever developed. WETA used it all over King Kong. You might find someone who can run that for you in 5 minutes using Maya.

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