Object On Fire (Any Ideas or Suggestions?)

Greetings fellow Shotcutters!

My name is AJ and I am a content creator on YouTube. I have been making videos with Shotcut for about a year now. You can check out my latest uploads here: https://youtube.com/c/AvenueNights

My next upload is for The Corporate Ministry. I had this idea of taking the Undertaker’s symbol and have it burning on an endless loop while the music plays in the background. An example of what I am trying to reproduce can be seen here: https://youtu.be/IoRRwVw3dq8?t=240

Any help, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated. A link/plug to your channel or site will be included in the video description with the final upload - if you wish to do so.

Link to my previous Help/How To thread in case any Shotcutters out there are looking for help with a Glass Shattering Effect: Glass Shattering Effect (Any Ideas?)

Thank you for your help and keep on Shotcutting!


Here’s a demo made with Shotcut. It’s not an exact reproduction of the YT video.


The track layout.

Used Chroma key simple, Rotate and scale, Opacity, and Blend mode filters. Lens correction for the bendy wall.:slightly_smiling_face:

Did not create the flame. It’s from Pixabay. Here’s the link to the video I used: https://pixabay.com/videos/hot-flame-heat-bonfire-blazing-31796/ I used the 1920x1080 clip.

To do that you’ll need to copy and paste the flaming tracks multiple times.
I made a 4 sec animated gif that can be used with the Text HTML filter to create an almost endless loop.

The project file is here.
All the source material is included except for the flaming video.


Did you have a look at some of the blender fire simulation tutorials on youtube ?

It’s difficult to seamlessly loop simulations like fire, because of the randomness. You can sort of fake it by doing a blend transition, which I did below. You can see it flare up in the transition frames. It’s “passable” but far from perfect

I included 2 videos, an intro and a loop.

The intro starts with the “unlit” logo frame. The unlit frame is just 1 frame but you can hold it or duplicate it as long as you want. The intro is basically the unlit logo, to starting the fire transition

The loop video is prepared in a way that the blend transition is part of it. So you can place it end to end as many times as you want on the timeline. Or you can use another tool like ffmpeg to loop it “n” times if you want a large video.

This a preview of 1 intro + 3 loops



You may also find this topic of interest, where I asked about a steaming cup of coffee effect: https://forum.shotcut.org/t/animated-hot-coffee/14579


Easier than I thought. Thanks @sauron!

Nice work @pdr I’ve tried Blender in the past but I’m not the most technical. Appreciate you offering a solution!

:joy: @Johnny_Debt your profile name has me cracking up! Yes our threads are similar. Appreciate the feedback.

Try Blender.org, anther FREE program. You have to be careful of the big green Download signs that transfers you to a paid video site. Instead go to the top and in small caps press the download. The latest version is 2.82.

What’s up fellow Shotcutters!

Hope everyone is doing well during these times of uncertainty. Just wanted to update the thread with the final video. Thanks to @sauron @pdr @Johnny_Debt and @Peter_Dore for your suggestions. Stay safe and stay home.




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