Freezing from right-click menu

I’ve been using Shotcut for some years now and really enjoy it. Thank you everybody!

Recently, since a few versions ago, but more frequent now, is that Shotcut freezes on me sometimes (maybe 1 out of 15 times) when I right-click on a clip in the timeline.
Task manager is not identifying this as “Not responding” though, but it definitely is not responding.

Any ideas or work-arounds?

The commands I use from that right-click menu are usually Remove and Detach Audio, so suggesting other means of executing these commands would be appreciated as an interim work-around too.

Version 20.07.11
Windows 10 Home


I have not reproduced the problem. It may depend on Settings > Display Method and the GPU and its driver on your system.

There are 3 keyboard shortcuts for Remove: X, Shift+Delete or Shift+Backspace.
You can also click - on the timeline toolbar.
If you are trying to remove a blank, move the playhead over it, and press Ctrl+Space to first select it followed by one of the above.

There is no keyboard shortcut for Detach Audio, but here is how to do what it does:

  • add an audio track if needed
  • double-click the clip to select it and seek to its beginning
  • copy the video clip Ctrl+C
  • press Down as many times as needed to make the target audio track current
  • overwrite the clip on the audio track B
  • select the video clip
  • in Properties > Audio, set Track to None

Thanks for the info!
I’ll run Shotcut with my Intel GPU instead of my Nvidia GPU and see what happens.

I can confirm this bug. It happens occasionally and may be related to context menus:

The application does freeze as OP describes. The process doesn’t show as “Not Responding” in Windows Task Manager, but the GUI no longer accepts any input (mouse or keyboard).

I’ve noticed it mostly from the right click menu when clicking on Keyframes (about 1 out of 15 as the OP describes), but I’ve also had it happen from the Blend Mode Filter dropdown menu.

I’m currently running on Windows 10 64-bit, DirectX (ANGLE), NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.

My workaround has been to keep a hand ready on ctrl-s to save before I use any context menus and to use keyboard shortcuts wherever possible. Most of the time, Shotcut recovers my project just fine after I kill the task and reopen.

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