Freezing a clip

I’d like to freeze a frame of a clip for a few seconds before continuing on. Is the best way to currently accomplish this to split the clip, export a frame at the split, then insert it between two clips? If so, is there a way of getting around the lower resolution of the Proxy clip? I hope all of that makes sense. Thanks in advance for your help.

There are 2 techniques, one being File - Export - Frame, then insert and stretch accordingly (the newly opened clip into the project)

or like this

Can you explain what you mean about the lower resolution proxy clip?)


Thanks for your helpful feedback. When using Proxy clips, an exported frame will be the same resolution as the Proxy it came from. At least, that’s my experience and understanding with hit.

You can disable proxy just for the time you’re exporting and reactivate it after you’ve exported (there’s a keyboard shortcut F4)