Freeze frame using time remap (no frame export needed)

To create a freeze frame effect in Shotcut, most people use the frame export technique: they export the frame as an image (turning off proxy beforehand). I find this clunky and inconvenient.

I’ve figured out a method using the time remap filter that doesn’t require exporting a frame (or turning off proxy) and which you can re-adjust later as you edit and change your mind (as you would any other filter).

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Split your clip where you want to freeze the screen.
Step 2: Make a copy of one of the two clips you just split.
Step 3: Insert the copied clip at the split, between the two clips.
Step 4: Select the clip, add the time-remap filter.
Step 5: In keyframes, change the keyframes to “hold”.
Step 6: Align both the starting and ending keyframes with the correct frame.

I made a video tutorial in YouTube Short format, let me know how you guys find this format


Very clever. And a time saver Thanks for sharing @patc3 :+1:

If the clip as B-Frames though, you’ll have to convert it to edit friendly.


Converting can take a long time, so the Export frame method can still be preferable in some occasions :wink:


Thanks, good point, I haven’t encountered this yet. Do you know if the quality you pick would affect the appearance of the frozen frame?

I think the part frozen with Time Remap will be the same quality as the rest of the video.
After all, if I’m not mistaken, the convert process is applied to the entire original clip. Not just to the sub-clip used for the freeze frame.

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You can also use Speed: Forward Only to do a freeze frame, and that one does not require a clip conversion. Even though there is no keyframe button in the filter UI, go into Keyframes and you can add them. You probably want to change the keyframe type to Hold. Here is speed 1.0 at the beginning, 0.0 for one second, and 1.0 again for the remainder


Thank you for sharing this method. Any freeze frame method with time filters has one significant limitation - the duration of the freeze frame cannot be longer than the original video. In some cases, exporting a frame as a separate image is the only option.

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You need to extend the Duration in Properties.


Thanks for this advice. I used to think that the duration could only be changed for pictures.

Thanks for this trick Dan!!!

Can someone post this solution as a video?
Where does the 2nd filter Speed under Speed: Forward only come from?

This is not a 2nd filter. This show the Speed keyframes used by the Speed: Forward Only filter.


Thank you very much.
It works…

But i think (for amateurs) an easier solution would be nice:
A filter hold would be nice.

You’re welcome @thegrobi

There is also the good old method, mentioned by @patc3 in his first post: The Export > Frame method:


I have been using the “good old” method for years, but I also think it could be improved:
Cut, save frame, paste…
It sometimes becomes problematic if the clip has filters and you change them later. Then the frame also has to be changed.

I will use the Speed: Forward only method and save it as a preset.

Hm. I can save the preset in the Filter as a preset, and it can be used in other projekts.
But if i save the filter with the preset as a filter-set, this set will not be opened in new projekts?!

I wished to do this way, to get a filter-set with its clear name: Standbild (Freeze frame)

@thegrobi I agree with you that a filter hold/freeze frame would be nice, however it can be quite beneficial for your learning to figure out how to do it on your own. You will learn a lot about filters and keyframes in general, which will make it easier for you to do other stuff as well.

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Surely there must be a way to make Shotcut just Copy a frame (as a png) in the clipboard instead of saving said frame in a folder.

Would make it super easy and quick to add a freeze frame in a video:

  • Move the playhead to the desired position
  • Split
  • Ctrl+F (possible shortcut) to copy the frame.
  • Ctrl+V to paste the png frame between the clips.
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It sometimes becomes problematic if the clip has filters and you change them later. Then the frame also has to be changed.

This is exactly why using the time remap/speed forward filter is interesting😉

True. But honestly, that doesn’t happen to me that often. I use this export > frame method in pretty much all the videos I make, especially in tutorials. For example, I used it 3 times in the last video I shared above. And over the years, I can’t remember one time where I had to change the inserted png. But of course, that’s just my experience. Everyone works differently. For me, a simple shortcut to copy a frame in the clipboard would be a significant time saver.

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