Font problem in text:simple, Polish characters

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I’m facing the same issue, however the ShotCut must’ve changed since then and now the solution is no longer valid. I try text:simple, font e.g. Copperplate Gothic Bold and the ShotCut is not showing properly the characters: ś or ł (and some other).

It also does not interpret the codes given in the older topic.

Has anyone have the solutiuon?

I do not have a Polish keyboard, so I “cut & pasted” from the Polish Alphabet page of Wikipedia and the characters show correctly. See the screenshot below. This was done using Shotcut version 21.03.21.


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I see your problem in the screenshot you provided. - e.g. the lower-case “a” is being shown as an upper-case “A”. This is due to the fact that the font you are using “Copperplate Gothic Bold” has lower-case glyphs for alphabetic characters that are smaller versions of the upper-case character. This is not a problem with Shotcut, but with the font you have chosen - you will have to use another font.

If this is NOT your problem, please state more clearly what the problem is, since your screenshot clearly shows the letters you say are incorrect are not, e.g. the characters: ś or ł

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Yes, thanks for confirming. That’s what I was worried about. It’s about the font. It has SOME of the Polish characters, but not e.g. “ą” or “ś”. When I type using this font it replaces the lacking characters with Calirbri for or another simple one, that’s why at the first glance you thought it’s okay.

Anyway, I whish there was a way to show a list of fonts suitable for Polish language because it’s really pain in the a*s to find one you like and simultaneously that has the characters.


If you are on a Windows system there is a nice application called Nexusfont. It will show all the fonts on your system. You can type a phrase (e.g. in Polish) and it will show how that phrase looks in every font. You can download it here:

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@Elusien, that’s a useful little app! Thanks for sharing! My life just became a little easier :slight_smile:

In google font you can type your own text an see how it look in the fonts, you have selected
here some danish special letters.

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@TimLau @Elusien
Thank you, both tips are useful while dealing with the issue.

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