Font problem in text:HTML

Hi, I have a problem with font that I want to use in my video.

I decided to use HTML to create an animated title (intro on my YouTube channel). I had followed tutorial from YouTube and everything was fine till I put the HTML document into Shotcut. Cause, I am from Poland I need some “ą, ś, ć, ó” polish letters. I downloaded font Barrio from Document doesn’t show my letters “ą,ś,ć,ó”. Does anyone have similar problem or know how to fix it? I will be very greatful. And no, I can’t change this font :slight_smile:

Hi @Karolina, [my goodness how do I pronounce your name !??]

You can do it. This site:
gives you HTML codes for the characters you need.

Just use the HTML dec. code in your HTML instead of letters. So - typing


will give you:


Here’s the HTML:

For complete words just type the normal letters and replace the special characters with the correct code. So:


(a completely made-up word just for demonstration - sorry, I am not Polish :smiley:).
PS Nice font!
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It works! Thank you good man! It is super helpful even for the future projects.


PS. I’ve changed my name. Previous one was actually my YouTube channel name. In English it would say “from bones to curves” :smile:

Thank you again and may the force be with you! :slight_smile:

My pleasure. Glad to help. Actually it was educational for me and I learned a new word:
Ogonek - a diacritic hook placed under the lower right corner of a vowel in the Polish language.
May the force be with you too, and stay safe…

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